National Grits Festival, Warwick

The National Grits Festival has been paused in the past due to sponsorship issues but I believe it is back and better than ever. It’s held the second Saturday in April. The building pictured here is the old Warwick Masonic Lodge.Dan Aultman and Lee Lucas shared memories of the building. Dan wrote: Sixty years ago when I was a young fellow, this old Masonic Lodge was an old wood building . The kids in Warwick, lacking safe places to play, used the bottom floor to roller skate. I don’t remember if we were given permission or if we assumed it was okay. The one police officer never threw us out, but life was different back then. Lee recalled: In the middle to late 60’s, upstairs in the Masonic building was where we held the Boy Scouts meetings. The Scout Master was Mr. Grady West, who would take us on hikes and camp outs through out the surrounding countryside. We even went on canoe trips down the Flint River from just below the power dam (where Mr. West worked) to downtown Albany Ga. This was during the heyday of Turner Air Field, an U.S. Air Force B-52 airfield. You have not lived until a B-52 takes off just feet above your head while you are in a canoe. The way our troop scattered INTO the river,you would have thought we were being strafed! Fun memories!


2 thoughts on “National Grits Festival, Warwick

  1. Terry James

    Until last Monday, I had not been to Warwick in ages–in its day, it must have been an interesting village.

    I left my camera in the car–on a dark day, I’m hopeless with photographs.

    However, your shot is great.


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