Usher House, Circa 1835, Lumpkin

George Usher was a miller and his house, though expanded and moved across the street from its original location, is among the oldest in Lumpkin.

National Register of Historic Places



4 thoughts on “Usher House, Circa 1835, Lumpkin

  1. Sandra A Byrnes

    George Washington Usher (1844-1930) was married to Susan America Stanford (1851-1923) and parents of James Frederick Usher (1873-1941).
    The date given above is circa 1835 but if the home was newly built for (or by) George it is probably a little newer as the couple married in 1868.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Sandra, I used the date given in the National Register of Historic Places nomination form. These dates are usually accurate, but I have definitely encountered errors before.

      1. Sandra A Byrnes

        James Travis Usher (1813-1874) and his wife Sarah Dudney are listed as George Sr parents. They married in 1844 and lived in Lumpkin. I don’t know how they arrived at the date but someone must have occupied the house before George. Thanks for your reply.

  2. Anna Bush

    Family history determines James Frederick Usher to be my great grandfather. He and his siblings are said to be born at home, in the residence of his parents. This photo of the Usher House therefore has greater significance to me than to most others. THANK YOU for your effort in the preservation of our historical roots.


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