Methodist Church, 1905, Lilly

Though no longer used as a church in the traditional sense, this landmark is used for receptions, reunions and the like.

Lilly Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


5 thoughts on “Methodist Church, 1905, Lilly

  1. Victor McGough


    I’m sorry I have not responded before now.

    My father, L.V. McGough, had three uncles that lived in Lilly. They were Hugh, Tom and Oscar McGough. I have my father’s diploma from Lilly School. It is signed by Hugh McGough. Maybe were related. I know that Hugh, he would be my great uncle, had three sons. They were Hugh Jr., James and Albert. James and Albert are twins. Last time I was in Lilly,2005, one of the twins was still living there. My aunt, Nelley Hobbs, married a man named Louie Lilly whose father settled Lilly way back when. I am told it use to be a larger town but there was a fire in 1929 that destroyed most of the town and then the depression came along, so it never regained its former status. I could tell you alot of the history and geography of Lilly. I started spending my summers in Georgia in 1951.
    I was taken there by my parents so I could escape polio which use to run wild in Miami Fl which is where I was born and grew up. Dr Salk had not invented the vaccine yet. I spent my time with my aunts in Lilly & Unadilla and my grandmother in Hawkinsville. My favorite place was Lilly. I knew most of the people there and half of them were related to me somehow. I plan to retire there. If you would like more info let me know. I have a cousin Kay Clark, maiden name Lilly, whose husband did more research on Lilly. So if I cant find out what you need he probably could.

    Love to hear from you.

  2. Victor M

    My maternal grandfather, The Rev Will Hobbs was minister here in the 1930’s.

    There is a stain glass window over the doorway commerating him. I hardly knew him, he died when I was 3.

    My mother and two aunts met their husbands while he was pastor in Lilly.

    I spent all my summers in Lilly growing up. To me it was heaven.

    Half of my father’s uncles are buried in Lilly.

    Victor McGough

    1. Jennifer

      I am helping my son start gathering information for his 7th grade Georgia Scrapbook. I grew up here in Lilly, but honestly never took the time to find out the history behind many of our buildings
      I do know my great great grandfather help build the school house. My great grandfather was Eli Hugh McGough, Sr.
      If you have any information or old photos you would be willing to share, please email me.
      Jennifer Andrews

  3. Mark Cawthon

    My father was the pastor here from 1965 -1970. The Reverend C.L. Cawthon passed away 6 Nov 2006 in Hagan, Ga. He was a fine fellow.


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