Appling County Courthouse, 1908, Baxley

appling county courthouse baxley ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georiga usa 2009

Appling County’s courthouse was designed by architect H. L. Lewman and built by the Falls City Construction Company for $50,000.

National Register of Historic Places


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5 responses to “Appling County Courthouse, 1908, Baxley

  1. Fred McCarley

    I lived in Baxley in the 70’s and I remember the Atlanta Paper running an article on courthouses and Baxley’s was singled out because the clocks still ran.

  2. Susan Barnett

    I stumbled onto your website while searching for the Plantation of Abraham Hargreaves who was buried on his old plantation in Coffee County. I looked at Appling County and Ware County to find it also. He was one of my ancestors. My mother was born in south Georgia in Osierfield. I am “blown away” by the beautiful photographs. I was unable to find anything–maybe you could. I was wanted to do something similar to this in my area of Clermont County, Ohio but I need direction on how to get started and what type of camera you are using. I am not a professional photographer but it is my hobby. Maybe you could email me some pointers or perhaps you may have written a how-to-book. Again, I enjoyed the photos that I did have time to look. Keep up the wonderful work. From another kindred spirit.

  3. tracy

    I love your website. I’ve just started to get familiar with this part of the state during the last couple of years. We’ve taken lots of pictures of the interesting things along the way between Thomaston and the coast, but I see that there’s a lot we haven’t discovered yet. Thanks for all the photos and information!

  4. tracy

    Never have been able to figure out this courthouse. Looks like they built a new one underneath the old dome. What’s the deal?

    • I’ve had this discussion with a good friend of mine; we wondered about it, as well…after consulting Gallileo’s GeorgiaInfo section, which is the most definitive source on such things, I can’t find anything to confirm that any major changes have been made to this 1907-08 structure. I’m guessing they did cosmetic repairs to the exterior in the past ten years or so, or perhaps the paint isn’t right. But it’s a nice design either way.

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