Edmund Tift House, Circa 1889, Tifton

This iconic Queen Anne house was owned by Edmund Harding Tift (1853-1917), the brother of Henry Harding Tift, the founder of Tifton. The Corry family owned it for many years thereafter.

Tifton Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


9 thoughts on “Edmund Tift House, Circa 1889, Tifton

  1. Edd

    For many years, this house was owned by Edmund Tift, the brother of the founder of Tifton, Henry Harding Tift. The Corry family owned it for many years and now it is owned by Craig Webster, formerly of Tifton, now living in Alpharetta, GA.

    1. Sharon

      The house is still owned by Craig Webster Law. Craig and Sharon Webster reside in Tift County at the present time.

  2. neatnik2009

    I recognize many of these Tifton scenes.
    Have you seen the old First United Methodist Church (now a museum, I think–across the corner from First Baptist Church) and old St. Anne’s Episcopal Church (on the same lot as new St. Anne’s Church)?

      1. neatnik2009

        St. Anne’s Church is located just off of Central Avenue, in the northern part of town. The new building (1985) is very nice, and the old building (late 1890s) is quaint and intimate.

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