Parsons-Blount-Wall-Cobb House, 1901, Hawkinsville

Connie Cobb notes that this home was built by William Naramore Parsons. E. S. Child was the architect and J. L. Huggins the contractor. Another viewer notes that the Blount family lived here until at least the 1970s and the house is best known as the Blount House.


9 thoughts on “Parsons-Blount-Wall-Cobb House, 1901, Hawkinsville

  1. Karen Bailey

    It is the home of Bill Wall. (Parsons – Blount – Cobb – Wall home) I remember when the Blount family lived in this house. Then Connie Cobb & then Bill & Kathleen Wall. Sadly Kathleen passed away & Bill still owns the home.

  2. Brandi

    This was my grandmother’s house she grew up in, Corine Blount. Such a beautiful home. I remember visiting when I was young ❤️

  3. Connie Cobb

    This house was built in 1901 by the W.N. Parson family. It is known as the Parson-Blount-Cobb-Wall home.

  4. John M

    I remember visiting and working on some class projects with my classmate Patsy Blount who lived here when we were seniors in high school in 1955. What wonderful memories your photos bring back……John M in Albuquerque, NM

  5. William

    This home was more recently owned by Connie Cobb. It’s since been sold to William Wall. Her son Joey B. used to have a batting cage in the back yard that kids could practice hitting on.

      1. pamela jones

        since spring of last year I have been able to wake up in the Blount n Parson now Wall home. I can honestly say I never get bored. I love to walk through the house late at nite . There has never been an u
        easy feeling at all. This home always gives me a very peacefullfeelling.such a blessing to be able to have this experience.

  6. trena

    i enjoy checking in here to see sites i used to take for granted when i lived there in “middle” georgia.
    this house is known to locals as “the blount house” blount being the family name. a grandmother blount lived in the house at least until the 1970’s.
    thanks for what you do,


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