Whitfield-Cabero House, Circa 1902, Hawkinsville

Little information has been located regarding this home’s builder, a Mr. Coney, but its second owner was Pulaski County commissioner J. J. Whitfield. Whitfield was a progressive who advocated the paving of roads in the county long before it was done on a wide scale by the state. The Cabero family were the owners most associated with the house in the modern era, and because of their renovations and modernization the house remains one of the architectural wonders of Hawkinsville.



1 thought on “Whitfield-Cabero House, Circa 1902, Hawkinsville

  1. Lynn Davis

    Brian – Did you photograph the “Columns Resturant” while in Hawkinsville? Love your pictures of Georgia! Wish I could follow behind you! 😃 Happy and safe travels in the Peach State!


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