Sears House, Tifton

Darcie Norton writes that this was the home of Mrs. Cassie Sears.


8 thoughts on “Sears House, Tifton

  1. Edd

    My mother who is 96 years old says that she talked to Mrs Sears one time when she was a young girl and asked iif she planned to try to have a daughter. ( Seems like she had 4 or 5 sons already). Mrs Sears told her emphatically, ” No Virginia, it’s gotten to where it just isn’t a fittin place for a young girl”.

  2. Chris Lindsey

    Cassie Sears was my great grandma sister.Her other sister Myrty Reaves lived on the corner across from the Sears . They were from the Simmons from Lenox Ga .

  3. Chris Lindsey

    Mrs Sears was my great grandmothers sister. Her other sister Myrtey lived on the other corner directly across the street. Aunt Myrty and Aunt Cassie were from the Simmons family in Lenox Ga.

  4. Janette Powell McBride

    In the late 50s/early 60s, my family lived down the street at 606 Prince Ave. I have wonderful memories of our time in the neighborhood. Tifton is my hometown and will always be special to me.

  5. Darcie Norton

    My husband says that Ms. Sears did have a stool that “she drug around the kitchen” (his exact words). I will ask his mother about any photos. His mom, sisters and brother did yard and house work for Ms. Sears back in the late ’60s and early ’70s so she may have some photos. Please feel free to email me at if you need anything else. He would love to come walk thru the house and tell you about it ‘back in the day’.

  6. Linda Garrett

    Hi I will be newest owner of the Sears house. I close on it 7/21/11. If there are old pictures I would love to see them.

    I have someone who bought the original dinning table and a hand made stool from Ms Sears son. I was told that Ms Sears was a short stout lady and that her husband made the stool for to be able to reach the cabinets in the kitchen. She is giving me the stool as a house warming present for I am a short stout lady as well. LG

  7. Darcie Norton

    My husband lived in this house in the late ’70’s with it’s originally builder. Mrs. Cassie Sears. It was a beautiful place then and I’m sure it is now.


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