Grocery Store, Poulan

The white building on the left has always been Poulan’s grocery store. Hugh Harris West writes: Mr. Harvey Carter and wife Ella Ruth, ran this store. Russell and Gertie Houston ran the store and market during the 60’s. Mr. Leon Gray and wife Gladys came next I believe. Mr. Alton Gray (Leon’s brother) had already closed his store by this time.


10 thoughts on “Grocery Store, Poulan

  1. Maryanne Boss Simmons.

    Mr Gray had his store on the other side of the little yellow building from Mr Carter. That store of Mr Gray,s was there long before Mr Carter was there. I am 88 years old and that was the only store there for many years. Mr Carter came later and built that store on the other side of the yellow building. I flipped burgers in the little yellow cafe. We used to ride the train from Poulan to Sylvester to see a movie on Saturday’s. My Uncle Howell Westberry started the first Bank that we had in Sylvester. He used set us up on the table in the bank and give us candy. He died the year that I graduated from the Sylvester High School. Our little school only went to the 9th grade and we rode the bus to Sylvester. I walked 3. miles home when we had basketball practice so I could be on the team. Nobody had cars in my little town except the few more affluent people and we walked everywhere.
    Maryanne Boss Simmons.

  2. Diana Harris

    My Grandmother, Jane Hobby Brown, who was married to Jake Brown lived in Poulan and raised six daughters the youngest was my mother Florence Brown White. Jane Brown was widowed at a young age and left to raise her six girls during the depression years in the little town of Poulan. She told stories of the orphan train that came through South Georgia and carried children to an orphanage near Brunswick.

  3. Donna McCrary Wise

    My great grandparents lived in Poulan all their adult life,they are buried in the big cem. there,they were Carrie Belle Statham & David Vinson Statham,they raised all their kids there,3 stayed in Poulan ,2 worked in the cotton Mill,My Grandmother Margie Statham worked in the mill and had 3 childern,married Clyde T McCrary, her sister,Maggie (known as Sister) worked in the mill until it closed,she married mr.Taylor late in life,she had no childern.Janie Belle lived and died there(3rd sister) she married Rufus Carter. my dad(his mom,is Margie) they were raised there,Clyde Curtis McCrary,James Nathaniel McCrary,and Agnes McCrary whom died at the age of 14 or 15. so,I have family roots there,loved the place when I was a child

    1. Pamela Williams

      @ Donna, my grandfather was born there in 1886, Fred Barrow, his parents were John Wallace & Georgianna, if you ever find out if anyone in your family knew of them, please let me know. Thanks in advance 🙂

    2. Maryanne Boss Simmons

      I lived across the St. from Miss Janie Belle and Mr. Rufus. she was a great cook. I loved her soup. I saw Sister when she came to my brothers funeral. My folks worked in the cotton mill also. my brother was married to Margie Massy. I knew the McCrarys Poulan will always be home. Maryanne Boss Simmons.

  4. A.T.

    This used to be called Gray’s Grocery. It was owned by the Gray brothers, Leon and Alton. I went in there many times as a kid to get sodas and candy. They even had a meat market and you could get the best meat around.

    1. Hugh Harris West

      Before Mr. Leon Gray there was Mr. Harvey Carter and wife, Ella Ruth, who ran the store. Russell and Gertie Houston ran the store and market during the 60’s. I bought the old roll top desk from them when I was in graduate school then. It had originally belonged to Dr. Harris who had his office upstairs over the drug store on the corner. I am still using the desk. Mr. Leon Gray and wife Gladys came next I believe. Mr. Alton Gray (Leon’s brother) had already closed his store by this time.

      I am presently completing “Poulan Stories”. It is about growing up in the 40’s and 50’s in Poulan. I have just finished the tenth chapter which is on “Possum Poke”, the ex Governor of MI’s winter residence.

      1. Latoya Mayo

        Mr. Hugh Harris West, I would love to speak with you if possible…you reference Mr. Harvey Carter whom I have been told is my grandfather. We have been attempting to locate living family members for years. Any assistance that you provide would be greatly appreciated.

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