Baker County Courthouse, 1900, Newton

Designed by J. W. Golucke in 1900, this courthouse survived the Flint River floods of 1924, 1929, and the historic flood of 1994, during which waters nearly reached the second floor. Golucke was Georgia’s most prolific courthouse architect, but ironically died in prison in Newton in 1907, having been convicted of misappropriating funds in the construction of the very courthouse seen here. Though no longer used as a courthouse, it is now utilized by a variety of public service entities.

National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “Baker County Courthouse, 1900, Newton

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  2. annette hoffman

    I’m looking for relatives or records of the of Cannon family. My Dad was born in this area. His name was Melvin Cannon, Jr. named after his father, his mother was Lacy Dealpo. My email address is My name is Annette Hoffman

  3. Jessica

    If you ever have the chance, go inside. The public library is inside and they have a sign that marks the high water line from the last flood. I marvel at it everytime I go to vote.


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