Converse-Dalton-Ferrell House, 1902, Valdosta

Built for Thomas Griggs Converse by Valdosta architect Alex Everett.

National Register of Historic Places


2 thoughts on “Converse-Dalton-Ferrell House, 1902, Valdosta

  1. Trav Paine

    in 1902, Mr. Thomas Briggs Converse built a neoclassical home at 303 North Patterson Street. The house was originally built to accommodate the Converse’s 13 children, and was a massive 3 stories high with 10 ionic columns, 20-foot domed ceilings, 14 foot pocket doors, wainscoting, brass door and window hardware and beautiful paneling. Known today as the Converse-Dalton-Ferrell House, in 1983 this huge now-historic home was Valdosta’s third landmark to be added to the National Register of Historic Places maintained by the U.S. Dept. of Interior.

    In 1904 Mr. Oscar Davis Dalton came to Valdosta from Dalton, North Carolina. He was a partner in the Curry Wholesale Grocery Company and later owned and operated several wholesale grocery companies in Florida and South Georgia. Mr. Dalton and Emma Mae Ferrell married in 1906, and their 10th child was born a short 15 years later. They had 9 daughters and 1 son, and the only son, Oscar Dalton, Jr., was a twin to his sister, Dorothy.

    In the early 1900s, the Ocean Pond Club south of Valdosta played an important social and business part in the lives of the Dalton and Ferrell families. Members of the Ocean Pond Club enjoyed picnics, hunting, fishing, houseparties and business meetings. In those early days, the groups took the train from Valdosta to Lake Park, then a buggy to the clubhouse. Newspaper articles from 1912 reported that Mr. E.D. Ferrell, President of the Georgia Hotel Association, hosted members of the hotel association at Ocean Pond. Other articles told of the wholesale grocer owners meeting with Oscar Davis Dalton at Ocean Pond.

    In 1923 Mr. Dalton purchased the Converse home and moved in with his family of 10 children. Members of the Dalton and Ferrell family lived there for nearly 60 years until the home was sold in 1982 to the Valdosta Junior Service League. The Valdosta Junior Service League, with the support of many in the community, restored the house for League uses, for the preservation of an important part of Georgia history, and as a service to the people of Valdosta.

    – submitted by Travers W. Paine III of Augusta, Georgia, whose mother is Dorothy Little Dalton Paine (daughter of Emma Mae and Oscar Dalton).


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