Flint River & Northeastern Railroad Depot, Circa 1906, Sale City

sale city ga flint river northeastern railroad depot photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Thanks to Warren Kirbo for the identification.

4 thoughts on “Flint River & Northeastern Railroad Depot, Circa 1906, Sale City

  1. Betty Marchant Bramblett

    It breaks my heart to see the depot falling into disrepair when it could have been saved. Unfortunately, some people just don’t care about history. My mother grew up in Sale City, and she remembered the depot and the train very well.

  2. David Barrentine

    There is another surviving Flint River and Northeastern Railroad Depot, it’s in the middle of downtown Pelham, GA. It’s no where near the old ACL main line, and if you didn’t know it was there you would miss it. It was the main depot of the FR&N, and unlike the one in Sale City it is built of brick instead of wood. There are still 3 sets of tracks that still exist beside the depot, so you can kind of visualize what it must’ve looked like back during the days in which the FR&N operated. The large building across the street from the depot was the President of the FR&N’s general store and office of the FR&N.

  3. Warren Kirbo


    Ran from Pelham, Florida, Hinsinton, Laney, Akridge, Sale City, TUten, Tichnor. Tracks were dug up during WWII, across the way at the Pelham terminus was the northern terminus of the PELHAM AND HAVANA RR (See Vanishing Georgia from the GA ARCHIVES for a photo of a Sunday School trip on the P&H RR) At the Northern Terminus of the FR&NE (also known as the TUTEN TICHNOR GEORGIA HELL WESTERN)


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