Central of Georgia Railroad Depot, Circa 1930, Ellaville

ellaville ga central of georgia railroad depot art by linda adams photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010Central of Georgia Depot by Linda Adams

The original depot in Ellaville burned in 1929 and was replaced soon thereafter by this structure. It was demolished in the mid-1970s.


4 thoughts on “Central of Georgia Railroad Depot, Circa 1930, Ellaville

  1. Ernie Jones

    From “THE SCHLEY COUNTY NEWS” March 1910

    Isn’t it a shame that an up-to-date town like Ellaville is unfortunate enough not to have a depot? Oh yes, there is a clay colored shack down by the railroad which with a lot of improvement would make a nice second-class cow shed or hen house. As it now stands, it is a disgrace to our little city. It’s a dead cinch that we will not get one either, unless we make an effort.

    If everybody would act in union and the managers of the Central saw that we were determined to have one, then Ellaville would get a decent depot and not until then.

    Don’t let your interest for Ellaville become dormant but keep the welfare of your city at heart. Do the merchants of our city want a depot? If they do they can get it. Think over this and let us make an effort to get one. It would add much to the beauty of our town.

    The Schley County News Friday, March 18, 1910 No. 11

    Two weeks ago, we published a short article on the great need of a decent depot for Ellaville.

    Very clearly it appears to us that our citizens must be satisfied with our present depot as we have not heard a single word on the subject.

    If we were able to get a depot without the aid of our citizens, gladly would we do so, but it will require the concerted move of all our citizens to have the required results.

    Our school, churches and many other business enterprises are the pride of all our townsmen, but have we any cause to be proud of such a depot as we have?

    And doesn’t Ellaville do enough shipping and railroad business to warrant a more respectable building?

    A petition signed by every resident of this city, should be carried before the proper authorities by one or more of our most prominent citizens, who could talk the matter over with them, showing them the great need of a depot here. This plan appears to us a good one and if carried out would have the desired results.

    Everybody realizes that we are seriously in need of a depot and that it would add greatly to the beauty of our town. Everybody realizes also, that so long as one holds back, waiting for someone else to start a move, that we will never get a depot, for the railroad men will use the present one as long as the rotten timbers will hold,
    provided no effort is made by our people for something better.

    The Butler Herald
    Tuesday, May 23, 1911

    Schley County News

    The old railroad depot, for many years an eyesore, has been removed and a modern depot in keeping with the progressive spirit of Ellaville has been completed and will henceforth be used for the accommodation of the public.

    Schley County GaArchives News…..ELLAVILLE DEPOT BURNS December 3, 1915

    The Atlanta Constitution December 3, 1915

    Augusta, Ga., December 2..–(Special)–The Central of Georgia railway depot at Ellaville, Ga., was burned today. One hundred bales of cotton and a considerable amount of miscellaneous freight were destroyed.
    The fire was supposedly of accidental origin and may have resulted from sparks from a passing locomotive.

    From Ellaville History Book: “From the beginning throughout more than a quarter of this century, the railway depot was the town’s transportation center. Twice within 14 years the depot was burned, the first time in 1915 and the second in 1929.”


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