Adrian, Georgia

Adrian is located smack-dab on the Emanuel-Johnson County line, but the majority is in Emanuel County. Locals joke that in one church the preacher gives his sermon from one county to his congregants in another. But one thing that’s no joke is that Adrian is a very friendly town…and if you ever find yourself there for lunch, stop by the Farmhouse Cafe, which is known for its homemade cathead biscuits. The lace bread isn’t so bad, either!

7 thoughts on “Adrian, Georgia

  1. David Miller

    I remember when Mrs. Ernest Avery had a cafe in that corner building. I still remember the good smells coming out the door as I walked home from school when I was a kid. I have good memories of that street when it was open for business- Mr. Thurmond Cook’s Dry Goods, Mr. Milo Wammock’s grocery store, Dr. Aubrey Harrison’s drug store, Mr. Milo Mimbs barber shop, the post office with Mr. Bennie Frank Wammock, just around the corner Chapman’s grocery and in earlier days Mr. Joiner’s store on the side street. To the left on the picture is a glimpse of the old ice house run by Mr. Giles. The old theater (first movie I ever remember seeing there was Ma and Pa Kettle) later became the cricket house for J.C, Hutcheson. Adrian was a great place to grow up. And I believe that it still is! -David Miller

    1. Nancy Teal

      Mrs. Ernest Avery was my grandmother and the smells were just as good in her house. I loved all of those stores when we would go visit as a child.

  2. james beck

    I am from Adrian, Ga currently in Newark, TX working been 6 months since I have been home. Thanks for the pictures good job.

  3. connie raper

    I love the pictures and wish there was a way that these “old” thing s could be saved but I guess the idea of getting rid of the old and replace it with something newer is the going thing. Keep up the good work. I live in Montezuma, Ga and I know of some of the ones you have pictured.


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