Providence Methodist Church & Cemetery, 1859, Stewart County

I’ve always found this simple old church  at Providence Canyon to be fascinating. According to the historic marker placed by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission and the Stewart County Historical Society in 1980: Providence Church, when first organized, 1832-33, was a log building on the south side of the road. Two acres were donated by David Lowe for a church and school (Providence Academy). This land is now between two of the canyons. The present building was built in 1859, on the north side of the Old Lumpkin-Florence Road. Many Stewart County pioneer families are in the cemetery. Charter members were Goodes, Lowes, Worthingtons, Perkins, Kirkpatricks, Seays, Pitts, Adams, Shermans, and Pattersons.

On my last visit (2013) I was appalled at the horrible condition of the cemetery. This is on state park land (or at least accessible only via the state park road at which an entrance fee is collected) and an absolute mess. It’s one of the oldest cemeteries in this section of the state and deserves better.

Samuel B. Walton (23 June 1815 – 29 March 1875) Matilda E. Walton (28 September 1819 – 7 January 1894)

Headstone of R. C. C. McGinty (b. 1820)

Yelverton Family Plot Penelope Yelverton (1 February 1794 – 25 May 1884?) Moses C. Yelverton (27 January 1822 – 27 May 1887) Wright Yelvington (Company E, 31st Regiment, Georgia Infantry – No Dates) The misspelling on the veteran’s headstone is an error.

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