First Baptist Church, 1904, Norman Park

historic norman park baptist church photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

This was originally known simply as Norman Park Baptist Church. For more about services and activities, visit their Facebook page.


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4 responses to “First Baptist Church, 1904, Norman Park

  1. Chloe B

    Hi Steve,
    Yes this is now Norman Park First Baptist Church. (formerly the “first” was omitted). I am sure if your relatives were from Funston, people in Norman Park still know of them.

  2. Steve Short

    Does anyone know if this church was called “Norman Park Baptist Church” years ago? I have a great-great-uncle and aunt who married at Norman Park Baptist Church on Christmas Day 1916. They were Hall Brooks and Lillie Whitfield Brooks of Funston. Please e-mail me. Thanks so much! – Steve Short

  3. Meredith Zidek

    Thanks for this great photo, Brian. The cornerstone bears the names of four of my relatives; I found the close-up of the cornerstone on the Georgia Galileo collection.

  4. Shirley Lindsey

    The big white building across the street there used to be the girls dorm for Norman College.

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