Elby & Realie Jones House, Queensland

This was the home of Elby and Realie Jones, beloved members of the Queensland community in their time. Their granddaughter Dottie Stewart Blount graciously shared her memories with Vanishing South Georgia. This 1960s photograph of them also features their daughter Iziliar, who took care of them in their old age. Dottie, who was a member of the last graduating class of the Queensland School, writes: Their house was right across from Queensland School. Big Papa was Elby Jones and Big Mama was Realie Jones. She was a midwife and delivered my 2 younger brothers and lots of others all over the area. Most of the time she’d walk from Queensland to wherever she was needed!! I loved them so much. Big Papa was very comical and was always telling funny jokes!

Photo Courtesy Dottie Stewart Blount

As of mid-2022, the house is being razed.

4 thoughts on “Elby & Realie Jones House, Queensland

  1. Terrell Waye

    I am the great great granddaughter of Elby and Realie Jones.
    I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I remember going to this house to visit my aunt Izilla often back in the early 80’s.

  2. Cindy Crabtree

    Are the base columns to this house concrete blocks? The striped coloring effect is interesting and unusual.

      1. Dottie Stewart Blount

        Hi Brian, this house belonged to our grandparents. It was located right across from Queensland School. For more information please check with Jasper Stewart. Also Jasper is the Pastor at Evergreen Primitive Church in Queensland where lots of our family members are buried. The church is still standing and being used. Dottie Stewart Blount.

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