Ferdinand A. Ricks House, 1905, Reynolds


Though built in 1905, the home of Ferdinand and Frances Ricks was completely renovated in the Georgian style by prominent Atlanta architect Charles E. Choate in the 1920s. Mr. Ricks was a partner in the family business, Ricks Brothers, which owned a general store, seed house, cotton gin, and guano enterprise.

National Register of Historic Places

3 thoughts on “Ferdinand A. Ricks House, 1905, Reynolds

    1. William H. Whatley (retired Architect)

      I was born and raised in Reynolds and Mrs. Ricks told me that this house was designed and built to enclose an existing house.It was my understanding that the Architect was a famous Architect from Atlanta, GA. It is beautiful inside as well. Mrs. Ricks always maintained formal gardens surrounding the house I was born in 1925.

      1. Brian Brown Post author

        Thank you for sharing your memories of the house, Mr. Whatley. I can only imagine the wonderful career you must have had in architecture. I’m always honored to hear from architects.

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