Mary Parker House, Hog Hammock

This was the home of longtime Hog Hammock resident Mary Parker until her death in the 1990s.

Hog Hammock Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

1 thought on “Mary Parker House, Hog Hammock

  1. AT Wilson

    In reading this article on the web site about this island, it peaked my interest and I read a little bit more about the people and the life they have to keep their history going. And for that I give them a hand shake. To the ga government you should be ashame to take these people though this type of horror. You can see just as well as I do nothing in this small island communities can cost that type of tax money. The homes are not even on a foundation they are on cinder blocks. And how can they be built larger than usual or stated. Get real greedy ga government and county. They are disconnected. And do not have anything that the state of ga gives them to help with the up keep of the island. No government, state or county funding. This island should be preserved, and should be given tax free statues. In the past few years I have been touring Georgia and some of the areas that is largely and be known to be slave owned at one time Georgia have taken it away from the families. The decedents have been run off and the government and state has develop it into rich expensive homes. Where it can raise the taxes on the poor and the rich get richer. All this being said you need to leave these people alone and let them live the life they have lived for 100s of year. You want the poor or middle class residents to pay for the big builders. Your tax apparisal is blind and he need glasses. It is no way land taxs should jump from 800 to 3000. That is over 99.00 per square foot of land. Greed is what it is. To the residents of HOG HAMMOCK keep Georgia in court. Keep the appeals going. This way no taxs can be imposed until it is out of the courts. Go to WAshington with this. You are owed this right to live tax free.


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