Effingham County Methodist Campground, Springfield


Thought to be the oldest campmeeting in continuous existence in the South, the Effingham County Methodist Campground has been held at several locations since 1790, with the present tabernacle dating to 1910. The family “tents” which line the campground are actually permanent structures where people gather during events, which were once much longer in duration than today.


A historical marker placed by the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church in 1990 notes: Effingham Camp Meeting has the longest record of continuous service in South Georgia-from 1790 according to oral tradition. The first camp ground was off Sisters’ Ferry Road on land of George Powledge, later sold to Gideon Mallette. In 1864 the site was burned during Sherman’s March to the Sea. In 1865 and 1866 encampment was held at Turkey Branch Methodist Church. In 1867 the camp ground was rebuilt on the Edward Bird tract at Springfield. In 1907 the present site was occupied after an exchange with G. M. Brinson. August encampment includes the third Sunday.

“Tents” of the Effingham County Methodist Campground

effingham-county-methodist-campground-zettler-tent-photograph-copyright-brian-brown-vanishing-south-georgia-usa-2012The Zettler Tent


7 thoughts on “Effingham County Methodist Campground, Springfield

      1. JohnRobert Peavy

        That aerial view showed the building still there. Another aerial view (obviously later) shows it gone! The building has to have been destroyed. I’ll ask around to see what it was and why it had to be eliminated

    1. Charlotte Carter Young

      Our MYF tent looked like the last building. The girls’ dorm on the right and the boy’s on the left. The windows were low enough we could climb out after dark and sneak around with a sheet over our head scaring our friends Our meals were served on a trestle table in the center area. Meetings and socializing in this area also. Our ’59 high school commencement program was held in the tabernacle. Some wonderful memories of this awesome place. Thanks a million for posting these pictures.

  1. Kristin

    Please check the text of the Campground marker. The name of the church is Turkey Branch (not Creek) Methodist. Thank you for posting these pictures.


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