Vidalia Onions, Glennville


I made these photographs at last year’s (2011) 35th Annual Glennville Sweet Onion Festival. Tattnall County grows more Vidalia Sweet Onions than any other county, accounting for nearly half of the state’s crop every year.



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6 responses to “Vidalia Onions, Glennville

  1. RonY

    My mother, Grace M. Deloach, was born in 1929, the beginning year of the great depression and raised in Tattnall county, lived in various sharecropping houses scattered all across the county, I can remember when I was a kid, and later, watching Mama eating a sweet onion just like you would eat an apple, I would ask her, ‘Mama, how can you eat that onion like that??” She would just smile and say, “They are just that good, I grew up eating ’em like that, and would always be thankful if I had one to eat,” But she said they generally had something to eat, but not much else, and being the oldest had a lot of responsibility for a child, but she said it was a good life, sure do miss her….

  2. Shawn

    I just wanted to thank the publisher for all the pics. But in the description of this photo it states that Wayne Durrence farm is the vendor pictured. Well it is actually a family member of mine by the name of Dannis Brannen and his very own locally grown Glennville sweet onions. Just Informing.

  3. Bernice (Thrower) Jones

    I love sweet onions myself….I cook them on low until they are a little soft…..then I eat them with southern biscuits. I live in Miami and buy a bag every year. Can’t wait to move back home to Georgia.

    Brian you make my day. Thanks for all the great pictures and Georgia history.

  4. Next spring, be sure to visit Gerrald Farms in Clito, My son-in-law helps to grow and harvest them. Gerrald Farms also grow the best watermelons!

  5. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    Love those sweet South Georgia onions. Give me a huge thick slice of onion on two pieces of white bread with some mayo and a nice chunk of hoop cheese and I will be in “hog heaven.”

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