Cordele Drive-In, 1960s, Crisp County

Long abandoned, the Cordele Drive-In was once operated by R. T. Moody and was constructed in the mid-1960s. According to Fred Gleaton, another drive-in, which closed around 1960, was located south of town and later became the fairgrounds.


7 thoughts on “Cordele Drive-In, 1960s, Crisp County

  1. Mark Norman

    I knew R.T. Moody very well. Met him in the early 80’s when I became a Printer. He got in the printing business printing posters for his drive ins and theaters.

  2. coonbottom

    Right west of the race track. I don’t know when it went out of business but we were going there until up around 1975. I remember movies like Walking Tall, Macon County Line, White Lightning, Gator, etc. playing there. I was too young to see those but the older kids I rode to school with would always talk about them on Monday mornings and I was pretty fascinated by the stories. All I ever got to see were Disney movies.

    1. Ray Tyner

      The drive in theater on the South side of town was built by my dad, Ray Tyner. There was also a bowling alley on site. Later the site was converted to the fair ground.

  3. Fred Gleaton

    If this is the drive in that was at corner of 41 and Tremont Road, it was built in the mid 60’s. There was a drive in theater on 41 south of town that went out of business around 1960 and later became the fairgrounds. I think that was Moody’s.


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