Louvale Church Row, Stewart County

As you’ll see in the following posts, Louvale’s Church Row (a National Register Historic Site) is one of the most historic and unique religious landmarks in Georgia. The marker placed by the Chattahoochee Historical Commission and the people of Louvale in 1986 reads: Originally Antioch, the town developing at the terminus of the Savannah, Americus and Montgomery (Little SAM) Railroad, was renamed Louvale in 1886. Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, founded 1832 in Pleasant Valley, moved to Moccasin Gap 1842 and here 1851. Present church was erected c. 1885 to replace original log structure. Marvin Methodist Church, founded 1830 in Green Hill moved here 1900 when present building was erected. New Hope Baptist Church constituted 1860 two miles from here moved to present building in 1901.

Louvale Church Row Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “Louvale Church Row, Stewart County

      1. j

        thanks Brian, it is a beautiful area of Georgia. Loved my visits as a child all the way through my college days. Too bad most of them are out back in the cemetery now.

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