Alford-Mann House, 1912, Sylvester

This well-maintained Mediterranean Revival landmark is presently used as an attorney’s office. Thanks to Mary King Givens for the identification.


8 thoughts on “Alford-Mann House, 1912, Sylvester

  1. Jeannie (Sis) Henry

    Banks Funeral home and the Women’s Club were also built by Alford descendants. My grandmother was Mattie Alford Gulley and she inherited the old homestead at Willingham. My mother Jeannie Gulley McLemore was born there and lived there until 1925 when a horrific fire burned the house to the ground as well as surrounding structures. “Willingham “ was the original Alford home built by my great grandfather Columbus Augustus (CA) Alford.
    Jeannie (Sis) McLemore Henry

  2. jitarheel

    This was the home of my Great Aunt Helen Alford Mann and my Great Uncle Ivan Mann. Helen was the sister of my Grandmother Mattie Alford Gulley.

    1. Patricia Alford Mann Street

      This was my great grandfathers home and where my dad grew up. Ivan Mann,sr was married to Helen Alford and their son was my dad. My middle name is Alford, named for my dads step mother

  3. Gilbert McLemore

    This was the home of my great aunt Helen Alford Mann and great Uncle Ivan Mann. Helen was the sister of my Grandmother Mattie Alford Gulley.

  4. Mary King Givens

    This home was built in 1912 by G. Floyd Alford. Later the home of Ivan and Helen Mann, then owned by the Sylvester Banking Co, and then the law office of Clarence A. Miller

  5. Fred Gleaton

    Used to water ski with Ray, David and Joe on Swift Creek at Lake Blackshear. Stopped by the funeral home a few years ago to say hello, but found it was now being run by three elderly brothers. (Ha!)


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