Old Presbyterian Church, Sylvester

Originally the Presbyterian Church, this also served as the library for many years.



4 thoughts on “Old Presbyterian Church, Sylvester

  1. Art Sutton

    Yes this was the original or at least early Presbyterian church buildings in Sylvester. It originally sat across the street on the corner east of the present library building. The library moved out of the Woman’s Club into this building which for many years was the Public Library.

  2. chuckwho66

    We my brother and two sister lived hear for a while until our grandfather we called him elder Green. We lived in a white framed house. Even had small store. We lived with the back of the house facing the railroad track. There a family last Carters and another family the Aire’s another family I can remember some of the kids first names Robert, Graces, and Lois if I can remember correctly it was four of them. The Aire’s had daughter her name was Gloria and son we called him Junior their mom was a school teacher. We lived across the road from them. I was about five or six years of age. My grandfather passed that is when we went to lived with my mom’s mom.

  3. Randall Barfield

    The structural lines of the church are impressive. That tree in the very front obstructs a better view, in my opinion. Nice.


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