Pal Theater, Circa 1950, Louisville

The Louisville Pal Theater is a true relic. To find a movie house from this era still hanging on in the instant media era is something one doesn’t expect. I was amazed to find current movies being shown, as well as someone working the ticket window. It was like something in a movie to me. The Pal Amusement Company (Pete Brice & Margaret Ladson) ran a small chain of Pal Theaters in the early 1960s all over southeast Georgia, in towns like Glennville, Hinesville, Lyons, Vidalia, Soperton, Millen and Mt. Vernon. Pat Crawford notes on the Vanishing South Georgia Facebook page that there was also an Abbeville location and Karen Carrow Dees says the Pal Theater in Vidalia still screens classics.

If you find yourself in the area for an evening, you might want to check out a show. The Pal is located at 134 West Broad Street, in the heart of Louisville’s historic district. Call (478) 625-9998 for show and schedule information.

Louisville Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “Pal Theater, Circa 1950, Louisville

  1. Kathy Blankinship

    How cool is this! I attended movies at both Pal Theatres, Lyons and Vidalia, as a kid growing up in Toombs County. My mother drove me and several friends to see each newly released James Bond 007 movie, mid 60’s! I gather from a previous post the Pal in Vidalia still screens occasional movies.
    Both the Lyons and Vidalia theatres were purchased in the early 60’s by a Tos family from Claxton, GA.

    1. Mitch

      Kathy – My name is Mitch. I was named after Mitchell Brice Sr. in 1955. My daddy, along with Jay Jackson and Garland Sapp Sr. built the PAL Lyons theatre in 1939-40. I was born in Valdosta, but grew up in Lyons. I remember helping Daddy as I was then watching them tearing down old silver screens and erecting new ones in many of the Brice’s movie theatre’s as a kid. (1963) Barron Godbee was our manager over PAL Amusement Company.


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