Old County Health Office, Louisville

This quaint old building is located on the courthouse lawn. It seems out of place, and judging by what appear to be handmade bricks, I’d guess it’s older than the courthouse itself. Luke Moses notes that it was used as the office of the county commission for a time and then by the registrar. Andrew P. Wood makes an interesting point: “The original courthouse in Louisville was constructed from bricks salvaged from the old state capitol. As this is clearly a turn of the century building, I wonder if the handmade bricks used in this building may have also been from the old state capitol, reused once again when the old courthouse was demolished“. More research is needed.


4 thoughts on “Old County Health Office, Louisville

  1. Gary

    I have heard from several sources that the bricks were salvaged from the original capitol; however, the documentation was destroyed. Would be interesting to see if it could somehow be verified.

  2. Ricky

    The small building on the courthouse lawn was at one time the County Health Office. I was born in 1957 and I remember getting my vaccinations there before I started the first grade.


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