C. C. Jarrell Grocery, Goldsboro

CC Jarrell Grocery Goldsboro GA Ghost Town Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

This is what remains of the historic settlement of Goldsboro. It’s one of the best-looking country stores around and is luckily protected from vandals by the presence of a house next door. I admire those who have maintained this relic over the years. I just want to thank Cindy McDonald Swartz for pointing me to Highway 26; it’s one of the most beautiful drives in this part of Georgia and will make you want to explore all of Bleckley County. There’s lots to see.

8 thoughts on “C. C. Jarrell Grocery, Goldsboro

  1. Linda Jackson Jones

    My family has record this was my Gr Grandad’s store at one time…possibly he built it. He is James Andrew Darsey 1845-1914. Not sure at what point in time he owned this location….

  2. Alex

    I know the Goldsboro/Rebie area very well. I’ve always found the store to be interesting. There was an operating general store directly across the highway, though not nearly as old, filled with antique decor. Sadly it burned a couple years back.

    1. Linda Jackson Jones

      Alex, do you know where the Old Bethel Chuch was on the Old Bethel Rd??Not there now but my gr uncle was suppose to be buried there in 1896….Said “banks of gum swamp” ???


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