Tobacco Barn, Chula

Hidden from view for years, this barn was recently exposed by a clear-cut.


2 thoughts on “Tobacco Barn, Chula

  1. Victor McGough

    I do remember Chula. The tobacco barns could be seen every quarter of a mile from Valdosta up to Turner county. (in the 50’s)

    1. Bobby Akins

      I believe this was my Granddaddy’s barn, James Austin Akins, if it was on Hwy 41, behind the old Chula School. If it is, it has a lean-to shelter around the entire barn. I worked there as a child, my Daddy, Willie James Akins, farmed the land and was the last of the family to own the property. I spent every minute I could on that farm as a young boy.. A wonderful place to grow up.


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