Augusta Cotton Exchange, Circa 1885

Designed by Enoch William Brown and built during a cotton boom in the mid-1880s, the Augusta Cotton Exchange is one of the most beautiful buildings in the downtown historic district. After restoration in 1988, it served as a welcome center for the Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau and is now a branch of the Georgia Bank & Trust.

National Register of Historic Places


2 thoughts on “Augusta Cotton Exchange, Circa 1885

  1. Dale E. Reddick

    Brian – This is now South State Bank at the corner of Reynolds Street and 8th St. Beside it is a Georgia Historic Marker commemorating the June 5, 1781 use of the second Mayham Tower constructed & employed during the American Revolutionary War. This was constructed under the orders of ‘Lighthorse’ Harry Lee (father of CSA General Robert E. Lee) to raise a six-pounder cannon to an elevation where it could fire into British Fort Cornwallis. The British forces in in the fort (one block from this site) surrendered.


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