Greensboro United Methodist Church, 1911

From the First United Methodist Church of Greensboro website: The Methodist Church as an organization in Greene County dates back to 1797, six years after the death of John Wesley, when Bishop Francis Asbury appointed 28 year old James Jenkins Pastor of the Washington Circuit…

During the early years in Greensboro, Methodists conducted Worship services in the Presbyterian Church where Bishop Asbury preached in 1799. A log meeting house was built around 1799-1800 on Laurel Avenue. During 1825-1826, this log meeting house was replaced with a frame structure on the same site. The frame structure was later moved to a location on Broad Street just west of the current Broad Street Campus. In 1859, the frame structure was replaced with a brick building at a cost of approximately $8,000. Because of increasing train traffic interrupting Worship services, planning for a building at a new location was started in 1908. The present Broad Street Campus church was built in 1911 at a cost of approximately $23,000 and expanded/renovated in 1959, 1973 and 1994.

Greensboro Historic District, National Register of  Historic Places


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