T. H. Nolan Commissary, Bostwick

Like most true plantations of its era, the Nolan property supported its own commissary, which was essentially a credit-based store for employees. The building takes on the common rectangular box form of country stores at the turn of the last century; I’m not sure if the false front was added later, or if it was an original feature.

The view of the “big house” from the commissary is a reminder of the complete dependence workers had on the plantation economy. The store likely served the general public, as well, as the remnant name-plate of a Coca-Cola sign indicates.

2 thoughts on “T. H. Nolan Commissary, Bostwick

  1. GinGin

    Correcting my correction: “T. H. Nolan.” Wish this site gave the option to update or delete comments.

  2. GinGin

    Didn’t realize my comment about the sign was being posted on a different photo. Believe this sign reads “T. I. Nolan.”


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