Nolan Plantation, Circa 1906, Bostwick

I waited five years to see this grand old home and wasn’t disappointed when I finally made my way here during the winter of 2015. Many of my fellow photographers have shot the interior; it wasn’t an option at the time of my visit, as the house is all boarded up now. Rumors swirl around this house as to its preservation status. I was led to believe that restoration of the property is imminent, though many have told me that this is always “in the works”. Whatever its future, it’s a tangible link to the plantation era in the Piedmont, when large numbers of laborers were required to support self-contained economies. This home was built by James A. Nolan, circa 1906. The family’s earlier residence still stands nearby.

The Nolan family worked this land [as many as 2000 acres] from about 1856 until 1970. It began as a slave-based enterprise. A commissary and several outbuildings still dot the plantation grounds.

This “duplex” features a local stone chimney [below].

I’m identifying the structure seen below as a tenant house, though it is possible it served as a kitchen.

I’m identifying the last structure as a barn, but it may have been the blacksmith’s shop. As of 2021, it is no longer standing.


5 thoughts on “Nolan Plantation, Circa 1906, Bostwick

  1. DeLane Phillips

    I visited the Nolan plantation today. It is in terrible condition. Any news of restoration? So sad to see this. My father’s family resided in Good Hope near the Morgan co line. My father is alive and 83.
    DeLane Phillips.

  2. Dan Daniel

    Been driving by this house for 30 years on way to my cabin st Sinclair glad to know it’s history always wondered. Only activity we have ever seen was movie shots being filmed several at night wish someone could restore it

  3. Katherine

    My son found this lovely beauty and it’s breath taking to see. I can’t imagine why the owner hasn’t repaired the missing/broken windows and fix gapping holes, since the wooden floors and ceilings and most of roof is in great shape, for her age. Tax records shows current owner purchased this home with 5 acres in 1977 for $16,800 from James A. Nolan and another 100+ acres, on same road and he lives only couple counties from it. Sure hate to see the old home disappear.

  4. Ed

    Found this while searching about the Hester Family house in Monteith, GA.
    Weird, as my last name is Nolan 😉
    (insert twilight zone theme).

  5. Frances Albert

    I have been by the Nolan Plantation many times and often stop and photograph this elderly lady, she is going back to mother nature, sadly to say, each time I see her I am in hopes she will be restored but I think that time has past, I have seen the decline and it is more apparent now than ever, but this lovely beauty will always be in my mind’s eye. I felt it my privilege to luck upon her. I have seen the outbuildings and commissary store across the road.
    The lady is still majestic even in her last days.


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