Parrott, Georgia

Historic Main Street Parrott GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

First settled as a Creek village called Chenube in the first half of the 19th century, the post office name was changed to Parrott in 1889, when the present town was incorporated. It’s named for John Lawson Parrott (1838-1920), a prominent landowner in the area who donated the land which became the business district, including the school and churches. From its founding until World War II, Parrott was quite prosperous and once boasted the most millionaires per capita in the state. If you’re in the area, spend an hour or two walking around Parrott. It’s one of the nicest small towns anywhere in Georgia.

Parrott Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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10 responses to “Parrott, Georgia

  1. Jim McKinnon

    My father Malcolm Mckinnon grew up in Parrott where my grandfather, Stanley Angus McKinnon owned the general store.

  2. Bonny Keheley

    Home of Wayland Flowers, world renowned puppeteer with his most famous, Madame.

  3. Jennifer Kitchens

    Parrot is the birthplace of famous actress Joanna Moore, mother of Tatum ONeal, also known for her role on Andy Griffith.

  4. Wendell Ray

    I love to drive through Parrott on my way to Boston to visit my son and family. After my first visit, I learned that the movie”The Long Riders” was filmed there. I’m due to visit in a few weeks and will be sure to go through Parrott.

  5. Terrell County Ga. County seat is Dawson. Located in SW GA ON HWY 520 .

  6. James Lanier

    Where is Parrot? It would be helpful to provide the county location or county seat. Thank you, enjoy your posts.

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