Dr. White House, Crawfordville

Every time I’m in Crawfordville I check to make sure this house is still standing. It’s one of my favorite houses in Georgia, though notoriously difficult to photograph. It is essentially a Greek Revival form with Gothic Revival elements.

The only information I’ve been able to gather from locals is that it was the home of Dr. White, and that it’s been empty for many years. I hope someone can save it before it’s too late.

4 thoughts on “Dr. White House, Crawfordville

  1. Frank Stallard

    This house is just a perfect southern cottage. The inside was nicely detailed and the attic rooms were very cute. I was able to go inside with the permission of one of family who owned it. I tried several times to purchase it in the early 90’s but at the time it was owned by a pilot who wanted to restore it and live there.

    1. Deryl Weaver

      Did you ever learn much about Dr. White’s mother in law? Her name was Lucinda Frances Hammack Stephens who lived in the old William Janes home close by which was torn down in 1901. I heard a Hispanic man owned the house but died in the house doing repairs. I don’t know anything more. My email address is derylcarswell@gmail.com if you would like to share information. Thank you.

  2. Hannah deSoto

    Amazing and so very sad! Looking at this house I get the same feeling as when I’m looking at a dog on death row.


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