Neoclassical Revival House, Hawkinsville

This is similar to another house in Hawkinsville known as the Columns of Georgia, but I don’t know anything about it yet.


7 thoughts on “Neoclassical Revival House, Hawkinsville

  1. Jay McKenzie

    I attended kindergarten in this house in 1962-3. It was owned by the Linders at that time. Even as a kid I noticed that this house must have been a mansion in olden days. Those ugly square columns up now replaced those magnificent classic round ones there before.

  2. Laura Wilson

    I would love to buy this house and restore it to its former glory. Is the house and property even for sale?

  3. Lynn

    When I ride through Hawkinsville sometimes I ride by to look at this house. To me this is a grand house and I can imagine sitting on that porch in summertime. Thanks for sharing your travels.

  4. Geoffery Jacobs

    It’s almost a sin for folks to let these old beautiful icons sit and rot. Just a shame.
    What’s worse, is that if they offered to sell it to me for $2.00, I couldn’t afford it because the restoration costs would be monumental! So sad…

  5. Joanne Lukacher

    Looks like it might have been an expansion of an earlier vernacular house? Please publish more info when you have it. Sadly dilapidated. Do you know of any plans for restoration?

    1. Sandy Grinstead

      The owners have been restoring from the inside out….hopefully one day it will be completed


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