Maggie L. Page Clubhouse, 1937, Byromville

This was originally a residence, but the Byromville Woman’s Club purchased it for $75  in 1936 and utilized WPA labor to renovate it for use as their clubhouse. They held their first meeting here the day after Thanksgiving, 1937. A bit of history from  the 2010 Byromville Woman’s Club Yearbook: In October 1918 a group of ladies met at the school auditorium to organize a club to promote a more friendly relationship between parents and teacher and to work for the upbuiding of the school and community. Mrs. Minnie McDonald was the organizer and suggested the name School Improvement Club, which was adopted by the club.

They changed their name to Byromville Woman’s Club in 1970.


2 thoughts on “Maggie L. Page Clubhouse, 1937, Byromville

  1. Janice Jimmy Gauthier

    The Byromville Woman’s Club is celebrating their 100th anniversary this afternoon at the Maggie L. Page Memorial.


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