O’Quinn’s Mill, Circa 1807, Baldwin County

Little information is available about this historic grist mill located on Town Creek. A sign notes that it was established in 1807 by Colonel Thaddeus Holt (misspelled Thaddus on an identifying sign on the property), and I believe the present structure likely dates to that time. A Baldwin County deed book records his sale of 2000 acres on Town Creek on the first Tuesday in May 1812 and this grist mill was included in the sale. Colonel Holt, who was married to Martha Goode, owned numerous slaves, grist and saw mills, a ferry, and even a toll bridge. He served on the Georgia General Assembly in 1809, was a captain in the Georgia Militia, and a lieutenant colonel in the War of 1812. He was known to be quite feisty, having participated in several duels in his lifetime. On 10 October 1813 he was ambushed and shot by John “Whiskey” Jones and died on 14 October from his wounds. A Baltimore Patriot & Evening Advertiser notice of the event follows but the paper’s confidence in Colonel Holt’s ability to recover proved unfounded: On Thursday last, Thaddeus Holt was shot through the body, (supposed with a rifle bullet) which entered below the breast bone and came out just under the right shoulder blade. He received the wound in Oconee Swamp on the way to his lower plantation by John Jones, (Whiskey.) It is worthy of remark, that early in Col. Holt’s life, he fought a man, both armed with knives, in which affair both were badly cut to pieces. In Kentucky, in a duel, he wounded through the leg; and directly after in many Indian skirmishes. Afterwards he was shot through the neck; and in the year ’95 had his mouth shot to pieces in a duel – all of which he survived, and lives to agonize his present wound, from which it is probable he will recover, being the 4th day since it was received. Colonel Holt was the grandfather of Captain Thaddeus Goode Holt, Jr, a well-known Confederate cavalryman and the great-great-grandfather of tobacco heiress Doris Duke.

As of 2020, I believe the property is under restoration but cannot confirm at this time.

Please note that this is located on private property and there is no public access other than the right of way.


7 thoughts on “O’Quinn’s Mill, Circa 1807, Baldwin County

  1. Susan Kunze

    Brian, O’Quinn’s Mill is currently for sale. Craig Massee in Milledgeville is the real estate listing company. The Aycock house, across Deepstep Road, has been sold.


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