Canoe-Hagan School, 1932, Candler County


Located between Metter and Twin City is a Rosenwald school known as the Canoe-Hagan School. Rosenwald Schools were built through the efforts of Julius Rosenwald and Booker T. Washington and thousands of volunteers all over the South. Their purpose was to provide industrial education to rural blacks at a time when Southern states were barely providing them school buildings, let alone a proper education.

Thanks to James Palmer for pointing out the Rosenwald connection, and for the identification.

UPDATE: Sadly, this landmark burned to the ground on 16 June 2017.



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8 responses to “Canoe-Hagan School, 1932, Candler County

  1. Anna

    Brian, Just thought I would let you know that the old Canoe – Hagan School burned early Friday morning. It made front page news of the Metter Advertiser.

    Anna Williams

  2. James Palmer

    Brian, I have a picture of the Summertown School when it was new. Obtained it from the Rosenwald Database at Fisk University. Would like to sent it to you, but am having problems doing so.

  3. James Palmer

    This appears to be the Summertown School built in 1926 by the Rosenwald Foundation for rural African Americans. It is in Emanuel County.

    • James, this was definitely in Candler County, just a few miles from Metter. Is the Summertown School still standing? I know that area, as well. Perhaps this was also a Rosenwald School.

      • James Palmer

        Brian, there was only one Rosenwald funded school built in Candler County and this must be it. The architecture is the same as the Summertown Rosenwald School built in Emanuel County. The Candler County school was known as the Canoe-Hagan School and was built in 1931-1932.

  4. Elaine Bolton

    Any chance it is a Rosenwald School? Jeanne Cyriaque is probably THE expert on these schools in the state; the nation. She was at the Georgia Trust for years; very recently retired. I suspect you could track her down and she would help. Happy Holidays!

    Elaine Bolton

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