Corporal C. S. Meadows House, Normantown

Adam Underhill writes: I believe this was the residence of my great-great-grandfather, Cannie Swain Meadows, a Confederate veteran. I believe he is correct in his assertion. According to the listing on Find A Grave, where this circa 1910 postcard was originally shared by Olivia Williamson Braddy, Meadows (8 March 1843-15 August 1923) was a Corporal with Company H, 49th Georgia Infantry. He owned a dry goods store and hotel, as well as Tiger Springs, a recreational attraction on Tiger Creek. Cannie, as he was known, had 13 children, all but one of whom lived to adulthood; several lived well into their nineties.

Public Domain Image, shared by Olivia Williamson Braddy via Find A Grave

7 thoughts on “Corporal C. S. Meadows House, Normantown

  1. Bobby Farmer

    Good morning Brian,
    My name is Bobby and I am the owner of this house in Normantown. Thank you for featuring it and also giving me a little information to go on. I am currently renovating the house and as you can imagine the house is in need of both major and minor repairs as well as modern updates to electrical and plumbing. But with each task I am focused on restoring this home to its former glory. Painstakingly attempting to keep as much of the exterior and interior as original as possible.
    I would look forward to a future visit by you and show you and your readers the progress and hopefully the completion within the next year.
    Bobby Farmer

    1. Stephanie Garner

      Hi Bobby,
      I am also related to Corporal C.S. Meadows. He would be my great great grandfather on my mom’s side of the family. Do you have any recent pictures of the house? Thank you, Stephanie

      1. Bobby Farmer

        Yes, I do. Understand this is a work in progress. I have been repairing the flooring, Adding electrical outlets and lighting fixtures as I find them.
        If you can, email me at, I will provide you with some pics and if you can let me know when you are able to visit, you would be more than welcome to come by. But please understand, I’m right in the middle of this thing and doing 99,9% of the work myself, so it’s a labor of love or I’m just flat crazy!!!

  2. Adam

    Thank you for posting this photo. I believe this was the residence of my great-great-grandfather, Cannie Swain Meadows, a Confederate veteran. I can’t say for sure as it’s based on internet-evidence, but here is a postcard image:

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      This is definitely the same house, in my opinion. Thanks so much for sharing this. I will add this name to the post. And the scan/photo of the postcard, if that’s okay. It’s in the public domain, I’m sure.

  3. Carol Lavoie

    Brian, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your site. I forward to the photos and thank you for helping to preserve our quickly vanishing history.


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