James Monroe Ellison House, Maysville

This late-19th-century Victorian farmhouse has been a popular stop for photographers for years. Joe McGrady writes: It was built by James Monroe Ellison (1857-1932). He was married twice, lastly to Lillie Mae Haynes (1874-1967). He had 10 children with his first wife, Gerushia Victoria Cox (1858-1903). He had 3 children with Lillie Mae Haynes: a boy (1906-1906) who was stillborn; James Benson Ellison (1907-1966); and Lillie Mae Ellison (1910-1996). My mother’s mother was Amanda Jane Haynes (1872-1914), who was Lillie Mae’s sister. Amanda was married to William Nathaniel LeMaster…We visited the Ellisons often in the late 1960s… I am not sure who owns the property now…I know that Lillie Mae willed a portion of her property to the church.

The architecture indicates the house was Queen Anne in style.

Since it’s a couple of miles from the center of Maysville, it was probably a working farm.

A smokehouse survives on the property, as well.

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