Smith House, 1902, Dublin

I’ve been unable to locate much information about this magnificent house but I’ve learned that after the Smith family, it was owned by the Rentz, Corker, Curry and Lovett families.

Stubbs Park-Stonewall Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


8 thoughts on “Smith House, 1902, Dublin


    My grandfather, William Corker, grew up in this house, leaving it upon his marriage to Celeste in 1926. He told me of a blue parlor and I think a green parlor. It had a smoke house and other out buildings. His father Frank was a lawyer and banker in Dublin. I believe the family left/lost the house during the great depression. The first time I remember it was sometime in the 1970’s when it was a boarding/care facility.

  2. John C. Hall, Jr.

    My grandmother was raised in this house. She was born in 1909. Her father was Frank Corker, my great grandfather. Frank Corker’s father was Stephen A. Corker. I have written a book about his letters which detail a young lawyer who gets married and then off to fight for the South. He was Captured at Gettysburg. I have an original picture of this home if you would like me to send to you in jpeg form. Bellevue was a dirt road in the picture.


      John, I’d like to know more, I may have my time line wrong for when my grandfather, William Corker, lived in this house. My father is the grandson of Frank Corker but never knew him, having been born in 1933, deceased 2019.

  3. Brenda Lumley

    Scott Thompson most likely can give you a background on this house. He is our local historian.

  4. Tina Keene Peddie

    My Smiths lived in Dublin GA but I don’t know if they may have owned this house. I rather doubt it.


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