Major Charles Oddingsells House, 1797, Savannah

Revolutionary War veteran Major Charles Oddingsells (1754-1810) came to Savannah as a young man, and he soon became a prominent planter and state legislator. He owned land all around Savannah but spent most of his time on Skidaway Island, where he died at the age of 56. He and wife Sarah Livingston Oddingsells had two children, neither of whom lived to adulthood.

Savannah Historic District, National Historic Landmark

2 thoughts on “Major Charles Oddingsells House, 1797, Savannah

  1. Neil

    I always heard that Charles Oddingsell had an illegitimate son by a slave who inherited his estate. Thus making this son who was half black the largest slave owner in Savannah at the time. This information came from Jim Williams when he owned, restored and lived in the house.


    1. Dale E. Reddick

      Anthony Odingsells was a free man of color who likely was the son of Charles Odingsells, Jr. He owned Piney Island, which had been earlier owned by Peter Readick, a younger brother of my 5th great-grandfather John Reddick (aka Johannes Rettich). Anthony Odingsells also owned and lived on Little Wassaw Island. Charles Odingsells, Jr. provided for the education of Anthony Odingsells, and even had a guardian appointed for the boy / young man. He left Little Warsaw Island and eleven slaves for Anthony Odingsells.
      There is an excellent account of this topic in the book “Once Upon An Island: The Barrier and Marsh Islands of Chatham County, Georgia” by Elizabeth Carpenter Piechocinski.


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