Pope Hill, Circa 1830, Wrens

The community of Pope Hill was the area which became present-day Wrens. Pope Hill was settled around the time of the American Revolution.  It’s sometimes referred to as Pope’s Crossroads.

Though I haven’t been able to locate much information about the Popes, I assume they were the first settlers of the area. I’ve also yet to establish a connection to this house, but I’ve learned that it was built sometime around 1830. Double chimneys flank both ends of the house. I’ll update as I learn more.

A curious stone marker, placed by Carrie in memory of A. J. & Nancy Williams, stands in the front yard.


6 thoughts on “Pope Hill, Circa 1830, Wrens

  1. Connie Swan Beasley

    Andrew Jackson Williams and his wife Nancy were my great great grandparents. Their daughter Mollie was my great grandmother. She married Olin Bryan Brown at Pope Hill after she graduated from Due West College for Women in the early 1880’s.

  2. Fay Stapleton Burnett

    Moses Brinson was my second great grandfather, and his father was also named Moses Brinson. My third great grandfather , Moses Brinson, was a charter member of the Ways Baptist Church in Stellaville. Pope Hill was the center of the 81st Militia District in the 1800’s – and you may see that fact on old records of the day. It was renamed “Wrens” when the Augusta, Gibson, and Sandersville Railroad came through in the 1880’s.

  3. BLS

    According to information on a link I’ll list below:

    “Dennis Williams was living on the Pope Hill tract of land by 1823, when he willed 200 acres ‘whereon Elijah Young lived’ joining Mund Gross to his wife Sara, and his children Nancy, George, Betsy, Mary Ann, Murphy D., robert and James Williams. Added to this land was a twenty acre triangle containing a ‘wet weather pond’ and joining the property of Young and Moses Brinson.

    The land has been in the Williams family since this time and is presently owned by Carolyn Griffin Swan, a great grandaugther of A.J. and Nancy A.E. McKigney Williams.

    Links : https://mediasvc.ancestry.com/v2/image/namespaces/60623/media/00019991-1001-0000-0000-000000000000.jpg?client=Boards


    I’d also like to learn more about Pope Hill and the area.

    1. Ruth Brown Jordan Hathaway

      A J Williams and Nancy Amelia E.Williams were my great grandparents. My Aunt Carrie Williams Hannah Walker purchased the home and placed this marker in honor of her parents. and it has been remodeled several times over the years. The Griffin/Swan family are the present owners. Pope Hill was the name of this area before it became Wrens.

  4. Louise Bryant

    I enjoyed the post on Wrens, Ga. and especially liked the Pope Hill post. I will look forward to more information on the Pope family, the house and the monument on the front lawn. Who were the Williams couple and what connection did they have to the house or Pope Hill ? Just curious !


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