Dallas House, Lincolnton

I am so grateful to Rachel Lauren Barnett, who finally helped my track down a little history of this great house. She wrote, on one of my social media pages: …it’s called the Dallas House because it was originally built by the parents of Hazel Dallas Voyles. Hazel and her husband Clarence later inherited it and moved in. This house was much smaller when first built. It’s been added onto several times to look like this. You can see the roof to the original structure in the attic. There are no restrooms in the inside structure of the house, one was added onto the side of the porch, not pictured. So the only plumbing this house ever had was a kitchen sink and small bathroom. My husband bought it from Claire who was Clarence and Hazel’s daughter. We do have plans to do something with it when the economy is more stable.

Lincolnton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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