The Arch, Circa 1857, Athens

Thought to have been cast by the Athens Foundry and replicating the Great Seal of Georgia, the Arch is supported by three columns (pillars) which represent the state’s motto, “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation”. Serving a functional rather than monumental or commemorative purpose, it originally included two doors which connected the columns. The University website notes that until the early 20th century, it was known as “the gate”. The gate and adjacent iron fence, also installed circa 1857, was the boundary of the historic Old North Campus of the University of Georgia. Today, besides serving as the logo of the University, the Arch is a beloved icon of both Athens and Georgia.

Old North Campus- University of Georgia, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “The Arch, Circa 1857, Athens

  1. ben dooley

    I love Athens Brian and the arch is a favorite landmark. I spent a couple of quarters as a UGA student before transferring to Tech, and remember being told by an old history professor that the gates of the arch were once locked late at night an unlocked before the first class bell was rung each morning. Have no idea whether that is true but like to hope it is.


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