Colonel T. L. Huston House (1927) & Butler Island Dairy, McIntosh County

In 1926, the languishing lands of the Butler Plantation were purchased by Colonel Tillinghast L’Hommedieu (T. L.) Huston.

Colonel Huston, a veteran of the Spanish-American War and World War I, had previously been a part owner of the New York Yankees baseball team.

He built this house in 1927 and numerous baseball players were among his many guests here, including Babe Ruth.

The Huston dairy barn can be seen on the east side of US 17. The dairy, anchored by a herd of Friesians, proved a difficult enterprise and Huston transformed the property into one of the largest iceberg lettuce farms on the east coast within a decade. The remaining structures on the property, however, date to the dairy era. After Col. Huston’s death in the 1938, the property was purchased by tobacco heir R. J. Reynolds, Jr.

This structure has been identified as the farm office for the Butler Island farming operations of Col. Huston.

In front of the house is one of the landmarks of US 17 in McIntosh County, the old chimney from the steam-powered rice mill  from the 1850s. An additional ruin also remains.

9 thoughts on “Colonel T. L. Huston House (1927) & Butler Island Dairy, McIntosh County

  1. Mary Sue Murray

    As a child I remember getting ice cream on Butler Island and I don’t think it was the building shown and on that side of 17. Carolyn Davis’s uncle ran it and she would be a good source.

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  3. Nanci Grant Posey

    I meant to add in above comment that I remember the ice cream store…it was close to the road on US 17 and a very popular spot for travelers. I don’t think it was open for very many years but the ice cream sure was good!

  4. Nanci Posey

    Vicky I spent many happy hours visiting there when Colonel Huston owned and later when the Bryans managed it for R J Reynolds. I can tell you a lot of fun stories, historical and hysterical, if you’d like to reply to my email :

  5. vicky jackson

    Hello. I visited the Huston house/Altamaha River Bioreserve last month while on a weekend getaway. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I was in love!! I spent an hour walking around, taking in all the details and wondering what stories those walls could tell. Who can I talk to about the current stays of this home?


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