French House, Richland

This was the home of Jim French and family for many years. It was likely built in the 1890s or early 1900s.

Richland Historic Places, National Register of Historic Places

7 thoughts on “French House, Richland

  1. Patti Turner

    My great grandfather’s house! My Mom, Martha Louise French, spent much time there. My grandfather, Bernard Crimes French, managed the local mercantile store. I plan on visiting Richland in April and spreading some of my Mom’s ashes there.

  2. Peggy Wilson

    It is a great old house… We have been updating for 14 years… Was VERY run down when we purchased the property… Time and money do not always go hand in hand though… Peggy Wilson, current owner…

    1. Patti Turner

      My great grandfather was James E French and his son, Bernard Crimes French was my grandfather. My sister and I would like to spread some of Mom’s (Martha Louise French) ashes in Richland this Spring since she spent many happy years in this house with her parents and grandparents. I know this may seem like an odd request, but would it be OK to spread some of her ashes in your yard?
      Patti Turner


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