Zeph Mathis House, Lumpkin

This historic Plantation Plain house has been unoccupied for some years but has recently been gifted to the county. There is hope that it will be restored or at least stabilized. It’s likely antebellum though I haven’t been able to locate a date for it.

4 thoughts on “Zeph Mathis House, Lumpkin

  1. Lee Sewell

    Brian, please ignore this request from my husband. He is indeed working on a book on whirligigs. But it will likely be a picture book like snapfish or something like that. He has brain damage from a stroke that means he is just unaware of his physical & mental disabilities. He lives in Assisted Living near Lenbrook in Atlanta. His basic cognitive skills are totally intact, but his executive function skills are gone. He loves your photos & has for many years. I regret that he has bothered you with this. I wish we could afford to pay someone to take the pictures, but we can’t. We have a friend who is a pretty good amateur photographer and she will take the pictures for free.

    I apologize for this and hope you understand. It is a sad situation. Lee Sewell

  2. Randy Sewell

    Brian: Do you do in private shooting for hire? I am writing a book on Whirligigs and need someone to shoot @50 or so of mine singularly and few in small groups. I am in Atlanta2 or 3 doors down Peachtree rd. from oldest house in Atlanta we can shoot them in the front yard with greenery background .Please let me know if you could do this for me. Thanks —Randy Sewell, Sewell Stained Glass 404 861-9130.


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