Manse Tippins House, Circa 1902, Claxton


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5 responses to “Manse Tippins House, Circa 1902, Claxton

  1. Elaine Edenfield

    Is this house still there in Claxton?

  2. Elaine Edenfield

    This house used to belong to my great-grandparents James Alexander Tippins and his wife Lillie Virginia Smith. He had the nickname Manse and he died in 1963. My great-grandmother died on August 13, 1974 when I was 13 years old. I really wish that my family had never sold this house and a few other houses in Evans County, GA. Have you published a book that has this picture in it? I would love to have a copy of it.

  3. vanne hanisch-godo

    I love it! i could live in it today!

    • Elaine Edenfield

      Did anyone in your family ever live in this house? I cannot remember who my great-aunt and her husband sold this house to. Their names were Jamie Tippins and her Sam Turbeville.

      • Elaine Edenfield

        Since nobody is answering my questions on this website, I would like to have all of my comments on it be deleted. How do I get this done?

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